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  1. Mitsubishi FFR-CS-050-14A-RF1
    Mitsubishi FFR-CS-050-14A-RF1
    £15.17 £12.64
    Mitsubishi External footprint mount EMC filter Learn More
  2. Mitsubishi FFR-CS-080-20A-RF1
    Mitsubishi FFR-CS-080-20A-RF1
    £21.88 £18.23
    Mitsubishi Radio Filter For Fr-D720s-070-Ec Learn More
  3. Mitsubishi FFR-CS-110-26A-RF1
    Mitsubishi FFR-CS-110-26A-RF1
    £28.61 £23.84
    Mitsubishi Radio Filter For Fr-D720s-100-Ec Learn More
  4. Mitsubishi FFR-CSH-036-8A-RF1
    Mitsubishi FFR-CSH-036-8A-RF1
    £30.85 £25.71
    Mitsubishi FFR-CSH-036-8A-RF1 Radio Filter For Fr-D740-012-Ec, 022-Ec And 036ec Learn More
  5. Mitsubishi FFR-MSH-040-8A-RF1
    Mitsubishi FFR-MSH-040-8A-RF1
    £33.79 £28.16
    Mitsubishi FFR-MSH-040-8A-RF1 Radio Filter For E740-0.4k, 0.75, 1.5k Inverters Learn More
  6. Mitsubishi FFR-CSH-080-16A-RF1
    Mitsubishi FFR-CSH-080-16A-RF1
    £40.39 £33.66
    Mitsubishi Radio Filter For Fr-D740-050-Ec and 080-Ec Learn More
  7. Mitsubishi FFR-MSH-095-16A-RF1
    Mitsubishi FFR-MSH-095-16A-RF1
    £46.01 £38.34

    Mitsubishi Radio Filter For E740-2.2k, 3.7k Inverters

    Learn More
  8. Mitsubishi FFR-MSH-170-30A-RF1
    Mitsubishi FFR-MSH-170-30A-RF1
    £46.01 £38.34
    Mitsubishi Radio Filter For Fr-D740-120-Ec and 160-Ec Learn More
  9. Mitsubishi FFR-BS-00126-18A-SF100
    Mitsubishi FFR-BS-00126-18A-SF100
    £69.83 £58.19
    Mitsubishi Emc Filter For Fr-A/F840-00023?00126 Learn More
  10. Mitsubishi FFR-BS-00250-30A-SF100
    Mitsubishi FFR-BS-00250-30A-SF100
    £90.30 £75.25
    Mitsubishi Emc Filter For Fr-A/F840-00170?00250 Learn More
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